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Simplest deposit option available to the depositor


Easy to operate, Term and condition, kept lucid to facilitate a layman's understanding. No hidden costs.


Minimum Balance to maintain Rs 500/- only


Option for money withdrawal by withdrawal forms or by cheque.


An ideal option to cultivate the habit of banking and saving amongst the younger generation,


Provision for nomination.


ATM / Debit Card Facility = Available


Mobile Banking Facility = Available


SMS Alert Service Facility = Available


Cheque Book Facility = Available

Terms & Conditions :


Minimum balance to be maintained (with or Without cheque book facility).


Documents required :


Passport size photograph


Proof of residence


Proof of Identity


IT Declaration (Form 60)


Valid documents:

Voter Id Card,  Passport, Driving License, Pan Card , NREGA Card, Aadhar Card.


This account comes with very low minimum balances as well as low/ nil charges, to cater to the needs of individuals from the vast sections of population who are, otherwise, not fulfilling certain conditions of our existing Savings Bank account requirements. Details are as under:

Eligibility: Individuals of 18 years and above earning a gross income of Rs.5000/- p.m or less.

Mode of operation: Single/ joint

Initial deposit amount: Nil

Rate of Interest: As applicable to Savings Bank accounts.

Cheque facility: Available.

ATM-cum-Debit Card: Available

Saving Bank Account Rules

The object of Savings Bank, is to encourage individuals to deposit their savings with the Bank by allowing them interest on the sum of deposited at the same time permitting them a restricted facility of withdrawals.

Accounts may be opened by :-
(a) A person on his/her own behalf.
(b) More than one person, payable to any of them or survivor.
(c) Guardian on behalf of minor, (in case of minor declaration of the date of birth of minor will have to be furnished to the Bank at the time of opening the account. On the minor attaining majority the right of the guardian to operate on the account will automatically come to end and there after the guardian shall not operate on the account will be deemed to be the exclusive property of the minor who has attained majority and further with drawals from the account will be allowed to hirn/her (alone)
(d) (i) A minor above the age of 14 years single in his/ her own name in the circumstances approved by the Bank.
(ii)No Person can open more than one account in his/her name or in the name of his/her minor children or wards under his/her guardianship.

The Bank will not open the accounts in the name of partner-ship proprietor Ships or joint stock companies the account running trade.

Account may be opened with minimum sum of Rs 500/-.

The rate of interest allowed on savings Bank account is liable to change from time to time. The interest will be allowed on the minimum balance (between the close of the 10th day and the end of each Calendar month)

Savings Bank accounts are not to be used as Current Accounts and the Bank is at liberty to close an account should it have reason to believe that the Savings Bank Account is used for which it is not intended.

Cheques and dividend warrants will not be accepted for credit of an account unless otherwise specially arranged with the Bank.

Forms for opening accounts pay-in-slip withdrawals and cheques will be supplied by the Bank free of charge and these forms only shall be used.

A depositor can make 200 withdrawals per year from his/her Savings Bank account. The withdrawals should be made either on the Banks, prescribed forms or by cheques provided by the bank, subject to Rule No. 11.

Unless withdrawals are made by cheques the pass book must accompany every withdrawals form.

Every application by a guardian for withdrawals from a minors account must bear certificate that the amount applied to be withdrawn is required for the benefit of the minor".

Pass-book will be issued to a depositor free of charge. However duplicate pass-book will be issued on payment of Rs 50/- exclusive or copying charges.

Depositors are required not to make any entries in the pass-book. Depositors that all entries in to the pass-book are duly entered and signed by a Bank official.

Depositors are required to sign all Withdrawals and cheque forms as per their specimen signature supplied to the Bank.

A depositor unable to write must attend in persons while opening the account and also at the time of every withdrawals and affix his mark or seal to the withdrawals form which should be attested by the witness.

If an account is closed within 1 year from the date it is opened a charge of Rs 100/- will be recovered from the depositor. (a) If balance in an account continues to remain below Rs 500/- a quarterly incidental charge of Rs 50/- each would be levied by the Bank.