Service Charge

With effect from April - 2023

Deposit Type Minimum Balance Charges for Services Consolidate Quarterly Charges
Saving Deposits Nil a. Debit Card Service
b. ATM Transaction including Cash
withdrawal, Bal Enquiry, Pin requests.
c. SMS Alerts Service
d. Mobile Banking Service
e. Mobile Banking Transactions
f. UPI Services
g. UPI Transactions
h. Bill payments services
i. Account maintenance service etc.
₹ 80 + GST
Current Deposits Nil Foll all above mentioned services. ₹ 100 + GST

Half Yearly Maintenance and Inspection Charges on Loan Accounts

Loan Amount Up to 5 Lakh Loan Amount above 5 Lakh and up to 10 Lakh Loan Amount 10 Lakh and above
₹ 800 + GST ₹ 1250 + GST ₹ 1650 + GST